Open Night

Just a reminder that our Open Night is on tonight between 6pm and 7:30pm. Feel free to pop into your child’s classroom at some stage during the night to check out all the great things they’ve been doing. You are also encouraged to have a wander through other year levels to see what is happening through the school. This may give you an idea of what your child might be doing in the not too distant future and will help you familiarise yourself with our lovely school.

Humpty Dumpty Problem Solving

1W had a great time using their problem solving skills to build a wall that Humpty Dumpty wouldn’t fall off. It was fantastic to see teamwork, persistence and resilience being displayed during the construction process. Humpty Dumpty has never been safer! Well done everyone 🙂


2B Rainbow Lunchboxes

Last week, 2B was set the challenge to bring a ‘rainbow lunchbox’ every day. These lunches were packed with an array of healthy foods (and some creative treats!). A huge thank you to everyone who participated! The students loved sharing their lunchboxes with the grade.

2A is next- hopefully we will see lots of bright, colourful lunchboxes 🙂

Cross Country

On Tuesday the 24th of April, the Grade One/Two students ran their cross country race! The Ones ran one and a half laps of the oval and the Twos ran two full laps! They all did a great job completing it, showing great persistence and resilience during the race. Everyone showed great encouragement and support to others who were running as well! It was a great morning. We are very proud of all our Beacy kids for trying their personal best!



*Bring a rug, mat, cushion and/or a chair from home so you will be comfy!

Junior Concert Prep to Gr 2: Monday 18th December: 2pm: Shed Area

Senior Concert Gr 3 to 6: Monday 18th December: 6:30pm: Shed Area


Dear families,

On Monday 18th December, we will be setting up the viewing areas for our fantastic Junior and Senior Concerts a little differently to last year. We aim to make it a little easier for you to see, hear and enjoy your talented children’s performances a little better.

There will be two designated areas in the centre of the shed as follows.

  • The area towards the centre front and middle will only be for families who bring a rug or a cushion to sit on. Please bring your own from home with you.


  • The area towards the back will have a couple of rows of chairs for special needs and there will be some space available for your own chairs from home

(It’s probably a good idea to have a chair and a rug in the back of the car just in case either area fills up.)

As the Junior Concert is at 2pm, we also ask that you please do not come on to the school grounds until after play has finished and all students are out of the yard.

(You can enter the yard from 1:30pm – not before please)

Hope you can make it,
Irene Carroll and Emma Jennion (Performing Arts Teachers)

‘Trick Shots Are Hard II’ by 2B

Over the past couple of weeks, 2B has been busily creating a trick shot video using table tennis balls and cups. The goal was to write a persuasive piece of writing, convincing Mr Methven, Mrs Amos and Mrs Inglis to put aside a couple of minutes in their VERY busy schedules and watch their masterpiece.

If you too have had a long, busy week or would just like to relax for 5 minutes, we welcome you to kick back and bask in the glory that is ‘Trick Shots Are Hard II’.


Earn and Learn is now closed and Sports Day tomorrow

Please send your Earn and Learn stickers to the office ASAP so we can count them towards our total.

Sports Day is tomorrow- Friday 22nd September

Remember to dress up in your favourite sports appropriate clothes as a fun day to celebrate all things active!  No money required!

Netball, soccer, basketball (shoulders covered), footy teams or colours would be appropriate!