Earn and Learn is now closed and Sports Day tomorrow

Please send your Earn and Learn stickers to the office ASAP so we can count them towards our total.

Sports Day is tomorrow- Friday 22nd September

Remember to dress up in your favourite sports appropriate clothes as a fun day to celebrate all things active!  No money required!

Netball, soccer, basketball (shoulders covered), footy teams or colours would be appropriate!

Scienceworks Excursion

Don’t forget that the Grade Ones have their Scienceworks excursion tomorrow and the Grade Twos are on Wednesday.

Students are to bring their snack, lunch and a drink bottle in a named plastic bag. Students must wear their school uniform together with comfortable walking shoes. Spending money is no required at this excursion.

Please remember that the bus will be leaving school at 9:00am on both days.


The Grade 1/2 Team 🙂

Indonesian Fun!

Last week the junior grades joined Miss Ireland in Indonesian to learn about Indonesian food. Students were taught about popular dishes in Indonesia with Miss Ireland bringing in some yummy curries, snacks and Nasi goreng for students to admire. Students then joined in on making and tasting traditional Javanese banana pancakes! YUM!

Shoebox For Kids fundraiser

The SRC are currently running a fundraiser to raise items for children in need.  It is titled ‘Shoebox For Kids’ and each year level has been asked to bring along different items that children might require.  All items will be donated to the charity “Mums Supporting Families in Need”.

Prep: small toy car, teddy or a little book

Year 1: undies for either boy or girl; any size

Year 2: socks

Year 3: hair ties or clips

Year 4: hair brush or hair wax

Year 5: tooth brush

Year 6: tooth paste


We request all items to be new and of course, you do not need to spend a great amount, anything would be appreciated.

All items are to be delivered to Mrs Humphries room (room 29 on the oval) by June 26th.

Grade 1/2 Incursion

Dear parents,

Just a reminder that there is an incursion planned for tomorrow. At this point we are hoping that we regain power so that this can run smoothly but we have some backup plans just in case.

The information below was printed in last weeks newsletter.

“On Wednesday, 15th March our Grade 1 and 2 students will be visited by Captain Eric from CHIPS (Christians Helping in Primary Schools). Our Investigations topic for the term has been focused on students’ emotional health, in particular recognising our feelings, how to get along with others, solving conflict, showing persistence and being resilient. Captain Eric is an extremely engaging and fun presenter who will cover these topics in a 45 minute session. We are very excited to have Captain Eric visit Beaconsfield Primary School again.”


The 1/2 team.

Camp Quality Puppet Show

Today the Camp Quality pupetteers came to talk about the power of positivity with our grade 1-3 students. Together, Kylie and Dean were able to overcome their fears to teach the children about some of the hardships that cancer patients face and what we can do to help.

We would like to say a huge thankyou to Camp Quality for their time. You can go to www.campquality.org to donate or to find out more information about this wonderful charity that assists kids with cancer in making them smile.

You can also message Kylie if you have any questions by going to www.campquality.org.au/message-to-kylie.