Getting excited about Design

A Zoo? Here at Beacy?     Our budding Designers in Grade One are diving in to the process of creating amazing enclosures for zoo animals. They have been brainstorming ideas for the animal they would like to create a home for and what they need to consider for the animals, viewers and staff at a zoo. They will be learning that design is a process that cycles through stages:  Investigating; Generating; Planning and Managing; Producing; and Evaluating. As the process moves along, we will need your help to ensure your child has the materials they need to make their model.  More news to come soon.  Students will be thinking critically, collaborating, communicating and creating to build amazing models…. and they are getting excited!

Brainstorming on the Intereactive TVs

Humpty Dumpty Problem Solving

1W had a great time using their problem solving skills to build a wall that Humpty Dumpty wouldn’t fall off. It was fantastic to see teamwork, persistence and resilience being displayed during the construction process. Humpty Dumpty has never been safer! Well done everyone 🙂


2B Rainbow Lunchboxes

Last week, 2B was set the challenge to bring a ‘rainbow lunchbox’ every day. These lunches were packed with an array of healthy foods (and some creative treats!). A huge thank you to everyone who participated! The students loved sharing their lunchboxes with the grade.

2A is next- hopefully we will see lots of bright, colourful lunchboxes 🙂

Cross Country

On Tuesday the 24th of April, the Grade One/Two students ran their cross country race! The Ones ran one and a half laps of the oval and the Twos ran two full laps! They all did a great job completing it, showing great persistence and resilience during the race. Everyone showed great encouragement and support to others who were running as well! It was a great morning. We are very proud of all our Beacy kids for trying their personal best!