Please bring in a toy for Week 2 science. Grade 1 students are beginning to investigate moving parts and require a variety of toys that can be handed around to other students for observation. There is no need to buy new toys and it is probably best if the toy is not expensive, fragile or sentimental. Thanks for your assistance!


Open Night

Just a reminder that our Open Night is on tonight between 6pm and 7:30pm. Feel free to pop into your child’s classroom at some stage during the night to check out all the great things they’ve been doing. You are also encouraged to have a wander through other year levels to see what is happening through the school. This may give you an idea of what your child might be doing in the not too distant future and will help you familiarise yourself with our lovely school.

Getting excited about Design

A Zoo? Here at Beacy?     Our budding Designers in Grade One are diving in to the process of creating amazing enclosures for zoo animals. They have been brainstorming ideas for the animal they would like to create a home for and what they need to consider for the animals, viewers and staff at a zoo. They will be learning that design is a process that cycles through stages:  Investigating; Generating; Planning and Managing; Producing; and Evaluating. As the process moves along, we will need your help to ensure your child has the materials they need to make their model.  More news to come soon.  Students will be thinking critically, collaborating, communicating and creating to build amazing models…. and they are getting excited!

Brainstorming on the Intereactive TVs

Humpty Dumpty Problem Solving

1W had a great time using their problem solving skills to build a wall that Humpty Dumpty wouldn’t fall off. It was fantastic to see teamwork, persistence and resilience being displayed during the construction process. Humpty Dumpty has never been safer! Well done everyone 🙂