Grade 2s have been learning about money.

In this activity, students had a $10 budget to order food from the canteen. They needed to calculate the total cost and how much change they would get back.

Recycled materials for Constructing needed for Grade Ones

Dear Parents/Guardians,
This term all Grade 1 students have been learning about ‘Food and Me – Farm to Table.’ To conclude our learning students will be constructing a machine that helps with one of the types of farming they have learnt about. It would be much appreciated if you could send in any materials that could be used for construction. Materials could include cardboard boxes (cereal/tissues, etc), plastic bottles and the like. It would be great if donations could be for the whole class to share. Thank you in advance for your support in our creativity.

Kind regards,
The Grade 1 Team.

Grade Ones exploring problem solving for Numeracy Week

It was Numeracy Week this week, and Grade Ones have been investigating different problem solving methods. Here are some examples of the problems they have been solving:-